Medical Paraffin Gauze Dressing

Medical Paraffin Gauze Dressing
Product Details


A wound that is used for wound area less than 10% of body surface area: 

minor traumatic injuries



other lesions that are clinically infected by organisms shown to be sensitive to framycetin


This gauze is contra-indicated in patients who are allergic to lanolin, or who have previously demonstrated a sensitivity to framycetin, neomycin, or any other chemically related product. The dressing should not be used in the treatment of wounds that are free of clinical infection, or infected by organisms that are resistant to the antibiotic.  


1.Not to adhere to the wound. Remove without pain. No blood.

2.Accelerate the healing under an appropriate moisture environment.

3.Convenient to use. No greasy feeling.

4.Soft and comfortable to use. Especially use on hands, feet, limbs and other parts which are difficult to fix.