Disposable Non-woven I.V. Cannula Fix Dressing

Disposable Non-woven I.V. Cannula Fix Dressing
Product Details

1. Non woven fabric material,  soft for skin.

2. Hypoallergenic and breathable.

3. Bacteria resistent, keep out the dirty virus and bacteria 

4. With the recording tape, easy to record and manage.

5. With different model to meet the different requirements.

Instruction for use:

1. Allow all prep liquids to dry completely before applying your dressing.

2. Open the package and peel the dressing from the printed paper, exposing the sticky surface.

3. Center the dressing over your wound. The dressing should be large enough to provide at least a 1-inch border around the wound.

4.  Press the film on the catheter to fix it well.

5.  Press the total film to contact with the skin comfortable.

6.  Smooth down the dressing edges as you remove the paper frame. Press the dressing firmly into place  with your finger to help it stick, particularly around the edges.

7.  For dressings supplied with a label, record information, then place it on or near the dressing.


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