Medical Surgical Band-aid

Product Details



1.Coating with hypoallergenic adhesive and place absorbent pad on the centre.

2.It is used widely to care in little wound.

Base material: Non-woven and comfortable fabric, flexible fabric. Tough strong fabric and cotton fabric, plastic film, clear PEVA, sheer, PU and foam.

Main size(mm): 72×19, 70×18, 65×19, 65×40, 63×25, 60×19, 60×18, 40×10, 38×38, 38×19, 30×40, 57×16, 55×19, 76×25, 76×19, 76×50, 100×60, 76×76(quadrangle), 76×45(butterfly), 76×45(“8”), 76×38(“H”), 76×38, 72×45(oval), Φ25, Φ22, 70×12, 45×10, 45×51, 95×65, 80×58, 100×50, 114×50

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